Hi, I’m Garrett Magbee. I founded Redbud Photography in 2009 and have been taking photos both professionally since then. Before that, it was a hobby and passion of mine. So I spent a lot of time learning the art of photography before I started offering to take pictures as a profession. In 2015 I married Heather, the girl of my dreams, and she is now my lovely partner in life and photography. We operate out of Oklahoma City and love this state. But we also enjoy traveling, seeing new places, and capturing the beauty of God’s creation through our cameras.

We photograph weddings, engagements, events, real estate, advertising, portraits, senior photos, pets, families, sports, promotional material, wildlife, and a bunch of other types of photography. Each type of photography has its own beauty and capturing it is something we love to do. So whatever your need, just let us know. We’ll let you know if it isn’t something we can do. But either way, we can help you get the photos you need.

Photography is an important part of each person’s life whether they realize it or not. When done correctly, a photograph can tell an entire story. Each story is an important part of the lives of each person involved in that story. We want to help capture your stories for you while you live them out. We take this responsibility very seriously and are so blessed when we get to be a part of telling someone’s story and would love to be a part of telling yours!   


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